Support for Elite Volare Magspeed ALU Classic Turbo

Please add virtual power support for the above trainer.  Elite are able to provide the data / power curve.  Trainer power settings vs speed are much higher on the volare than the Elite MagSpeed (L3) profile currently available in Zwift (even though the resistance units look the same).

Searching various posts, websites and auction sites I find this is a fairly common trainer.

Trainerroad have a suitable profile which I use regularly.  I’d like to be able to use Zwift with my current setup too.

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That trainer is listed in the supported Classic Trainers:


Hi Paul,


Thanks for your reply.  I probably should have explained that I’d had difficulties matching efforts to power using the suggested settings. After some research, a curve from Elite and a support ticket to Zwift #(49790) I found my turbo is not supported. The volare appears to have higher resistance settings than the MagSpeed ALU listed and illustrated in the Elite guide.


Been racking my brains and the internet for a solution to no avail.  Zwift suggested buying a power meter or a different turbo.  I’m reluctant to do either when I have a perfectly functional trainer.  Trainerroad recognise the volare as higher resistance and have a dedicated profile.  As I mentioned I have the Elite curve which I’ve shared with Zwift Support too.


Hopefully Zwift Support will pick this up.  There must be others out there with the same issue too.




glad ive seen this thread i thought it was just me,im a newb zwifter/cyclist but level 3 seems ridiculously hard compared to riding my bike on the road.i have to turn mine down to 2 just to be able to ride for more than a minute or two.

i turn it back upto 3 for brief sprints and to see what power i can make but usually when on 2 i just ride around on an indicated 80 ish watts (so im not using the lower setting to cheat )

john do you know how far out the zwift power curve is ? i may have an additional mechanical issue with my trainer if not much