Missed my calling as a Pro message

I too just got the “Missed your calling as a Pro” message. I believe everything is set up correctly & fresh batteries in the sensors. I’m using a dumb trainer an Elite Volare so I’ve selected Unlisted, is there a compatible / similar trainer in the selection that I should be using?? 

Did you enter your weight in your profile?

Yep 187lbs

If you can adjust resistance on the trainer to make it harder, you could also try that.

You can compare effort for the speed Zwift shows around the start/finish line to the effort for a similar speed on a flat road outdoors to get an idea of how high the resistance should be set.

With a variable resistance trainer it’s going to be tough to figure out what the proper setting is unless you have a “supported” trainer.  Here are my thoughts on it:


If you are grinding away in the 39/21 and barely able to make 14 mph (indoor wheel speed) , the setting is too high.  If you are spinning the 53/11 and hitting 45 or 50 mph, the setting is too low.  Choose a medium setting that puts you in the 53/18 or something like that.


I don’t use zpower, but I have experimented with it just to see how it compared to the Quarq that I use, and I do know that Zwift indicates the specific setting for variable trainers that are on the supported list.  The range of trainer power curves is remarkable.  I have seen zpower go from 80w to almost 400w for the same actual power depending on the curve chosen.  I agree with Christian.  You should be seeing similar speed numbers on flat ground for the same effort.  In other words, if you are going hard outside on a calm day and are making 23 mph, that is what you should see in Zwift for a similar effort.

The Elite Volare should not be using “unsupported trainer,” which is probably throwing off your zPower reading. You should be using “Mag Speed (L3)” if it’s the Elite Volare Mag.

Here is a handy-dandy guide to help you wade through Elite’s various trainers and resistance units: https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/articles/204151529–Info-Which-Elite-Trainers-Does-Zwift-Support-