JetBlack Z1 pro


I’ce recently bought a JetBlack Z1 Pro and wondered what I needed to get onto Zwift.

I don’t have a a cadence or speed sensor.

Do I need the JetBlack one or would a Suunto (Like my watch) or Wahoo sensor connect the same?



Hi, it is a supported trainer so you should be ok to use it:

but looks like you will need speed/cadence sensors:

Ride on!

Hi Tom,

I use a JetBlack Z1 Pro with a Garmin speed/cadence sensor on Zwift. It works ok but the power curve is completely out and reads ~80 Watts too high (Zwift Z1 Pro indicated power of 330W is probably only about 250W – This is with the JetBlack recommended 110 psi tyre pressure and 1.5 turns on trainer roller tension). There are some older archived posts reporting a similar power discrepancy. The Zwift power reading is also a bit noisy because it’s based on rear wheel speed so you move about a lot in a race peloton.

I know it’s out because I’m blowing A grade riders in my club away on Zwift when I’m a low-B grade in real life - at best! It’s going to be humiliating when I get a smart trainer and get put back in the correct box :wink:


I had a similar trainer and ended up unofficially coming 9th in a national championship because of how inaccurate it was.