Cascade CMXPro Power Pro Bike Connection

Is there a way to connect my Cascade CMXPro Power Spin Bike to Zwift? It has Bluetooth and Ant+ but my Zwift doesn’t seem to recognize it on my iPhone app, my Mac, or Apple TV…

Thank you!

I don’t see it on the supported list:

Thanks! I didn’t know where to look.

Ride On!

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This was exactly my question as well - argrgrhh - I like my bike and they’re smooth and well built indoor bikes but the app / connectivity is letting it down

Ah ha there is another tread - you can connect to Zwift if you connect a USB Ant+ dongle - I have just done it - switched on Ant+ on the bike and way hey I’m connected.

Yes! Thank you. It worked, but I only get power and cadence info… no speed, so Zwift sees those two, but without speed my guy barely moves…