Cape Epic weak prize

So the prize for torturing oneself for nearly 3000 meters of climbing on a mountain bike with very few dirt routes is just a paint job on a bike that we will have to buy anyway if we want to use the paint job?

Wahhhhhhuh? That’s a terrible prize. At least give us the damn bike!

You get 100,000 drops that should cover a fair chunk of the bike. I don’t know what the drop price of it is though.

You get entered to win the IRL bike don’t you?

First, 3,000 meters can be knocked out in a single ride with zero issues if you’re a climbing specialist. Two rides if a person is merely an average climber. I’m certainly not the biggest Zwift fanboy here, quite the opposite on some issues, but they are giving people a heck of a long time to “win” it.

Second, and lol, if you think the prize for this mission is bad just wait until you see what you get at level 50 after all those miles and hours in the saddle. Boy are you going to be disappointed.

Third. Prizes are certainly a nice motivator. There should be a lot more for various achievements in game imho, Zwift is being way, way too lazy here, but if that’s the primary motivation to file a complaint you’re riding for the wrong reasons. I mean, at least you’re get something for doing it. The paint job is pretty cool. Wish there was a road bike version lol.

There are lots of things one can do in game and receive absolutely nothing besides the basic exp and drops gain.


I have to say that I am rather baffled when people complain about the “prizes” for completing things on Zwift. Surely, it’s the physical achievement/improvement/sense of wellbeing that motivates isn’t it?

I’m grateful for the opportunities of events like the Tours of London, Innsbruck, Zwift, Watopia, the Le Col ride on New Year’s Day, the Haute Route event and so on. Those things plus group rides, races and training plans is enough for me.


I took this mission as a challenge of how quick I could get the paint job. It took 3 long rides, one up the alpe so I can get a badge that I needed while I was at it. What did I get, I got 100k dropz the paint job and a ton of fitness.

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Not really, for me. I mean, that’s a benefit, but in and of itself doesn’t really motivate me to get on Zwift. That’s why after more than 4 years I’m still only level 30.

In that time, I’ve done 234 hours on Zwift. Compare that to Overwatch: 1649 hours in less than 4 years. Why? Because OW is far more entertaining. =)

Honestly, I’d really like them to really go to town on the game part of Zwift. Really make it fun. Loads more to do, mini games, lots of fun things that just take physical input.

Heck, even bringing back more eye candy like the fire trails. Say for 3x FTP, over 60kph or something.

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I think we probably exemplify the reason Zwift has done so well, Daren. It keeps gamers and cyclists both (relatively) happy.

I don’t think Zwift will appeal to gamers per se too much, honestly. It’s “a game”, sure, but it doesn’t really offer the sort of experience most gamers would be seeking.

I’m a Zwifter becasue I’m in to cycling, not because I’m into gaming. If it were more “gamer orientated”, I’m sure I’d spend many more hours on the platform. There’s huge potential, I think, but it’s not being realised. The platform is being built out far more for the physical activity and social aspects than the gaming.

Maybe Nathan Guerra is an example to some extent. He’s a gamer, and a Zwifter. But he often Zwifts while playing other “real” games. No one could say he’s not hugely into Zwift, but even for him it doesn’t apparently give that gaming buzz. (This is just my assumption, obviously.)


470,000 so not quite

The carrots can be huge and shouldn’t be underestimated. What’s wrong with some extra motivation?

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Honest question - how much slower was the Mtb up the Alpe?

Strava segment Alpe du Zwift (Zwift Inside verified) 1:29:47 216W MTB, 1:19:32 214W Specialized Tarmac Pro frame with Envy SES 3.4 wheels.


I’d say more than 20% is a fair chunk. But of course, it depends on your point of view. I’ve about 2,500,000 drops with nothing much I want to buy at the moment, so finding 370,000 doesn’t seem too bad.

I won’t bother unless there’s more reason to have an MTB though. There aren’t enough off-road courses yet.

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I don’t know how much slower, I did a tempo ride and my aim was 150TSS in Z2 and Z3. It felt a bit slower and I expected that from a heavy MTB.