Can't send Zwift support email or chat

The message about server maintenance is blocking access to sending email to Zwift support or Chat!!!

I don’t understand what you say?

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tried to send email to zwift support and get only this:

Just click on the X

What is your question maybe we can help.

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It was a bug in Chrome… couldn’t get past the Zwift pop=up discussing an upcoming server maintenance oct 26/27. No problem when I switched to Firefox in posting a support question.

Zwift Support:

I have an ERG problem. Using Wahoo SNAP trainer. I’m using BT sensors for HR and CAD, so I bridge through an iPad running Zwift Companion. But when trying to do an ERG mode workout power isn’t controlled… erg mode is broken. As a test, if I drop the HR sensor and just use the 2 BT channels (CAD and SNAP) and do NOT use Companion as a bridge ERG mode works perfectly.

So my conclusion is there must be a bug with the BT bridge in Companion when in ERG mode.

Incidentally, I have a second Zwift/trainer setup side by side (nice to ride as a couple). I connect to that Apple TV using an NPE CABLE as a bridge. Trainer is the same for both setups. My wife and I rode Zwift academy workout 3 together the other day, and mine with CABLE worked flawlessly. Hers wouldn’t remain locked to any power level in ERG mode… needless to say she wasn’t happy.

Please let me know if Zwift has a solution to what I think is a software bug.



When using the bridge do you pair as Power source and controllable?

Pair power source and controllable directly from wahoo trainer to ATV. Use the Companion bridge just for HR and CAD. If I forget about HR I can skip the bridge and ERG works fine with direct BT to ATV. But, of course you want HR especially in workout mode…. But that was my troubleshooting process