Can't see chat messages on screen

Hey all

since a week or two, I can’t see the actual text in the chat bubbles when they come up on screen…just a blank bubble.  Not too much of big deal when just riding but I’d like to see them when I’m racing.

anyone else have this issue?  See photo attached




I assume you can see some other chat massages, just some are blank. If that is the case then my experience is that when people use emoji in there chat it will show up as blank.


Thanks for the response Gerrie

I don’t think I’ve seen a single one but haven’t cross checked in mobile link (where I do see the messages).  I’d just use mobile link but I need glasses to read my phone and they stop working after about 20 minutes of riding.

That sounds like you could be having some internet connection issues. If Zwift can’t communicate with our game server quick enough, you’ll notice chat messages, player positions, and the leader boards display incorrectly.

If this is a group workout we’re talking about, there’s also the possibility that Zwift attempted downloading a group of required files for the event, but the download wasn’t successful.

Either way, I’d recommend giving your Modem and WiFi Router a reboot. There is a bit of a process to that, but I’ll supply some instructions below:

* Unplug the power cable from your Modem.
* Unplug the power cable from your WiFi Router.
* Leave both devices unplugged for about 2 minutes to clear persistent settings.
* Plug the power cable back into your Modem.
* Wait 3 to 5 minutes for your Modem to completely boot.
* Verify your Online or Internet LED indicator shows that your Modem is online.
* Plug the power cable back into your WiFi Router.
* Wait about 2 to 3 minutes for your WiFi Router to completely boot and begin broadcasting WiFi.

If you’re planning on joining any type of group workout, try to drop in about 10 minutes early. If required files don’t download properly the first time around, it should be apparent because there will either be missing GUI and HUD elements, leaderboard will look funny, the chat won’t function properly, or other riders will ‘jitter’ around wildly.

If that happens, please drop-out of the event and re-join it before starting. That should force Zwift to retry the download and your second drop-in should work properly.

If you’re noticing none of the troubleshooting I’ve provided so far seems to help, please let me know so we can continue researching a bit.

thanks for the detailed suggestions.  this does not fix it.  Plus I’m on fiber and everything runs over a wired connection.

Everything on Zwift works great except the messages.  I have no weird video effects, racing works fine, no complaints at all.  Just can’t see the text from chats.  It’s like I’ve been GDPR’ed for any messages.

Here’s another example.  in the race pen you can see the holes where chat messages are supposed to be…but it’s blank.



Hi there. I just thought I would add that I have this exact problem as well. For a few weeks now, chat bubbles have appeared empty. Just like in the screenshots posted by Francesco above.

I know that we send most player position data, chat messages, and leaderboard content over port UDP 3022. Sometimes WiFi Routers or Modems with routers built in will block that port by default.

To open it, you may need to reference the user manual for your WiFi Router for instructions on port forwarding or adding a firewall rule. Once added, save and apply the settings and then give your WiFi Router a reboot.

If you have another device capable of running Zwift in your household and notice it’s not affected in the same way, try uninstalling Zwift from your PC. You won’t lose anything in the process. Afterward, check your Documents and Downloads folders and delete any directories related to Zwift.

Once all of that’s finished, give your PC a reboot and install a fresh copy of Zwift for your Windows computer from the link below:

If you’re still noticing missing chat messages, please let me know.

I have exactly the same problem, but not on all computers. Re-installing the app doesn’t solve it.


yep, reinstall does nothing. issue still there

I’m thinking it’s best to open an email support ticket for you, Francesco. This isn’t an issue we’ve run into much, but if several people are reporting the same concern, it’s worth some research. Please check your inbox for us.

To everyone else, please email us at If you’d like to attach copies of all of your log files for us so we can delve into the issue immediately, the article below should show where they can be located. Thanks!

I have exactly the same problem and have had it for a few weeks now.

I notice there is a lot of real estate on your screen Francesco - do you have an ultra wide screen ?  I have one also so maybe this is why most people aren’t seeing it ?



I too have an ultra wide monitor and this issue is still happening after a Re-install of Zwift.

I do indeed have an ultra wide monitor, however it worked fine when I had my laptop connected to it worked fine.  When I switched to a desktop it worked OK for a while and then after an update all kinds of things related to video went haywire. some have improved since I logged this one, but not the messages.  Was planning on trying a more powerful video card, but that won’t happen until Fall.

There you go David - does that help or do you still want some logs ?