Can't run the app/log in zwift ?! why?

Yesterday first tried, installed the Zwift on my laptop (Asus, intel i3 with Geforce 310M) - everything worked perfectly together with my garmin ANT+ and vector pedals.

So today ready for a next ride… and no fun… The application does not run. Asks to log in… after entering details can see only this screen and nothing happens:
Tried to uninstall and reinstall zwift, and also updated drivers but nothing helps.

Hi Jan, 

That’s a strange issue I have to say, it’s possible your graphics card is too weak but why would it run the first time and not the second time? Did you try running only Zwift and nothing else to release pressure from your already weak graphics card? 

Also can you give us more details please? 

Operating System, PC specs, web browser version and actual screenshot (not just a cut)

Thank you very much