Can't pair my Elite Zumo with the android app on Samsung Galaxy S10

Hi, I’ve got an Elite Zumo interactive trainer and I’m trying to pair / connect it with the Zwift Android App on my Galaxy S10, but the app just won’t discover/ find the trainer. Any ideas?

Hi Steve,
Did you ever have any luck connecting your Zumo trainer via android? I get such little resistance on the flat that it is unridable in anything but erg mode and was wondering if my trainer is a lemon (although it works fine with the Elite app) or if the Zumo simply won’t work via android. Another user of the forum has had the same issue and I have emailed Zwift but they are wiping their hands of it saying its an unsupported trainer…

I got a 2nd one and that lasted a fortnight!! Took that back and paid an extra £90 for a Direto, it’s far far better and so far, so good.