Can't pair Matrix/Life Fitness IC7 Cycle

Hi, Everyone:) I hope that everyone is doing well and someone can help me out :slight_smile:

First of all, these are the devices I am working with:

  • Macbook pro 2018 15 inch - Mac OS Catalina 10.15.
  • Ipad Pro 2018.
  • PC - Windows 10 Professional.
  • Polar H9 - Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) - ICG Bikes only work with BLE Electrical HRM not Optical.
  • Wahoo USB ANT+ KIT and Extension Cable.
  • Matrix IC7 Indoor Cycling Bike (IC-MXIC7B-03) Jan. 2016 - Wattrate 1.0 TFT Computer (same as Life Fitness different branding).

Part 1:
I bought the 4iii Viiiiva HRM which is an ANT+ BLE Bridge. Did the first steps with the Wattrate TFT Computer (see below). Started up Zwift on the Ipad, clicked search for Power Meter but no results. So I’ve sent the 4iii Viiiiva back, I had no ANT+ dongle to test with because I thought I didn’t need it because Viiiiva is a BLE Bridge.

Part 2:
I took notes from articles (see links below) and took the following steps:

  1. Startup the Wattrate 1.0 TFT Computer.
  2. Start a Wattrate Program (Power Training).
  3. Connect Bike to ICG Training App.
  4. Connect Heart Rate Monitor.
  5. Continue the steps on the Wattrate Computer and Start.
  6. Wattrate 1.0 TFT Computer now should start casting the following data over ANT+; Power, Cadence & Heart Rate.

  1. Connect Wahoo USB ANT+ Dongle to MacBook Pro with USB-C to A Hub. And the dongle with an extension cable right next to the bike.
  2. Start ZWIFT.
  3. In the left top corner in ZWIFT, I see 2 icons; Wahoo ANT+ Dongle & Bluetooth. They are working and casting circles around them.
  4. I clicked to search for Power Source but nothing showing up.

I did these same steps with the Windows PC… no luck.


  1. Is there something I am doing wrong?
  2. Should I buy the Viiiiva again and check if it works with the Wahoo dongle in PC/MacBook Pro?
  3. Should I try I different USB ANT+ dongle?

I am a little bit lost so if someone could help me out or have some suggestions; it would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time.

I already checked these topics to check for a solution but no luck:

Connecting the Companion app to IC5

Sync ICG app with Strava

Did you ever figure out how to make this connection work on your IC7 with the TFT 1.0 console?

Hi there
Did you managed to get this working?

That bike might only broadcast in a proprietary signal, so you wouldn’t be able to pair with Zwift or any other bridge. I don’t know for sure, just guessing.

The TFT 1.0 console does not allow Bluetooth connections to external devices/programs. You can only connect to the ICG training app. The TFT 2.0 console has unlocked Bluetooth and connects to external devices and programs just fine.