Connect Life Fitness IC5 to Zwift

Continuing the discussion from Connect Life Fitness IC8 with Zwift:

I found a new way to connect the Life Fitness IC5 and others bikes to Zwift. I recently purchased the Viiiiva Dual Heart Rate Monitor from a Canadian company 4iiiii online. It is a Simultaneous Bluetooth Smart and Ant+ Heart rate Monitor, it allowed me to connect the Watts from my IC5 as the Power Source (which worked perfectly) to the strap, and then bridges that to Zwift via Bluetooth. Cadence was “glitchy” so I taped a Wahoo Cadence sensor with electrical tape to the left crank arm. Now I get heart rate, Watts and RPM all connecting and working on Zwift via my Apple TV 4K and I still have a blue tooth channel to work the remote as well! So happy as the IC5 has proven to be an excellent trainer! GPLama Shane Miller covers how to use 4iiiii Viiiiva Heart Rate Monitor // Apple TV Blue Tooth last year. Works Great!

Hope this is helpfull.

The 4iiiii Viiiiva is a very effective device.

But I had two die on my… YMMV.

I now have my IC5 connected to Zwift as well. I am using the Northpole Engineering CABLE device which is transforms the ANT+ output of the bike into bluetooth.

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