Can't pair both Power and Controllable signals separately [August 2021] [1.16.0]

come on Zwift!!!

This is pretty fundamental!!! there is total silence with no fix in sight.

any updates from Zwift on this?

Any updates?

I recently found a bug with pairing Tickr as HR as well.

You can pair it, but it simply won’t show up when riding.

I haven’t been doing a LOT of Zwift rides in the past few weeks, but did one today.

The issue seems to be resolved here. I connected to the Rally pedals for power and Zwift remembered the Kickr as my “controllable”, and the pedals for cadence.

(Probably coincidental, but I did have a firmware update for my Kickr that I applied just prior to riding)

Apparently yesterday was just “luck”. On today’s ride I had to revert to the previous gymnastics of having the Kickr selected for power before I could select the Kickr for “controllable”

No resolution yet here

It has not worked for me since July @shooj when will this be resolved?

Seconding this, seems like communications have completely shut down for these bugs.

Are you able to do the workaround where you pair the trainer as power first and then as controllable and then swapping the power source to your power meter?

Or is this also now broken?


As of yesterday, this worked for my husband - he hadn’t used Zwift in weeks, so he was forced to do an app update before riding, so I’m guessing he was on the latest build (on iPad).

Same issue here. Discovered work around on my own. Also Garmin rally pedals go in and out and have some lag time. Really frustrating.