Can't pair both Power and Controllable signals separately [August 2021] [1.16.0]

I still can’t pair my wahoo tickrx to the Run. Have not been able to run in zwift since your update and even with your receht fixes. This is very frustrating.

@shooj any update on this?

This is still unresolved for me. I have a workaround, but it’s absurd to do this EVERY TIME I start a ride.

On pairing Screen:
1 - select Wahoo as Power Source
2 - select Wahoo as Controllable.
3 - Go back and select Garmin Rally pedals as power source (Wahoo remains the "controllable device)
4 - select Rally for cadence
5 - ride

IF I select Rally as my Power Source to begin with, then the Wahoo is not visible for the “Controllable” device. It only shows up as Controllable if it’s the Power Source. However, it “remembers” that it’s the controllable when I switch the Power Source. It’s a ridiculous dance. Clearly Zwift can (and does) use the Wahoo as the controllable, and the Rally as the Power Source and cadence. You just have to cast a magic spell of doing things in just the right order. Zwift simply needs to show the Wahoo as a selectable controllable even if it’s not the Power Source. This has been this way for way too many releases now.

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Same issue

  1. Running Zwift in updated iPad with Tacx smart trainer
  2. Yes
  3. Yes
  4. Yes

But I have to follow the workaround each time I log in whereas previously it was automatic.

Same problems running on ipad pro, ios. Answers below:

  1. ios
  2. yes
  3. yes.
  4. Yes but it does not work. I paired both power and controllable trainer to my Kickr, and then unpaired the power for the kickr and connected to my external powermeter. The connection remained but following a workout in ERG mode was not possible, the trainers resistance was not adjusting according to the workout.

I have exactly this issue using Windows 10, Garmin Vector pedals, and TACX Flow Smart Trainer.

  1. Windows 10 , stages sb20, BT
    2 - 4 all mostly yes but a bit variable

or alternatively I can pair the controllable using ANT+ which still appears.

Consistently occurring on iPhone and iPad with Neo2 and Assiomas.

  1. No
  2. Yes
  3. Yes
  4. Yes

Also not seeing my pedals listed (at all) consistently, which seemed to have coincided with this problem.

@shooj this problem based still.not been fixed. In the latest version of zwift (1.16.2) we are still facing this issue where we have to pair everything to the trainer first before going back to pair our PMs.

Surprised that it’s taking so long to fix as it’s been ongoing since v1.15…

can‘t pair my kickr as controllable trainer since today. no problem up,to my last ride last sunday. can pair the kickr as power source. windows 10, pairing via ios companion app. no workaround possible

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I also cant pair my Kickr as a controllable today. Been running it with no problems for years now. Normally everything just pairs itself, but i have to add my HRM and my Cadence sensors manually, but they appear on the list so its ok. My Kickr pairs as a power source automatically, but it doesnt appear on the controllable list, so i cant add it. Its just continually searching.
Been turning it on and off, resetting everything for two hours now!
What do i need to do? Before i cancel my subscription and sell my kit!!!
Windows PC
Companion App ios

Has this been fixed now with the update today?

Nope. Still the same.

Total silence from them since then.

@shooj any update on fixing this in 1.17? Its been awhile already and I must say Im pretty disappointed that its taking soooo long to fix.

Hopefully this doesnt get neglected…


Please can someone help with this. This is now day two, and I cant fix it.
Wasted so much time already. Have reinstalled everything and still doesnt work. You will soon be losing customers

Ive finally got everything working if I use the bluetooth from my PC, this means that I cant use the companion app though, as i still cant get the app to recognise my kickr as a controller as well as a power source. At least this narrows it down to the latest app update and nothing to do with my windows or hardware?

@shooj is the Bluetooth/controller going to get some attention soon?

Sine the end of July my Bluetooth connection as a steer controller on my Wahoo Bike does not work.

Wahoo Kickr Bike with latest version of firmware
MacOS Big Sur with latest release
Ant dongle for power and cadence
Bluetooth to Mac for controller and steering

@shooj any update?

Same issue has been bugging me.
iPad PRO iOS 14.7.1
Zwift 1.17
Wahoo Kickr
Quarq Dfour PM

As noted above, I also can’t pair the quarq as a cadence device immediately. I have to pair the controllable as Kickr, the power source as Kickr. Then unpair Power sources as Kickr, choose Quarq, which then enables the cadence meter menu to display the quarq, then I have to re-select the Wahoo as the power source before logging into the game. This has been a problem since June.

Seems just like something went awry in the Companion app and controllable trainers combined with PMs with cadence sensors?