Cant log in Zwift!

Just suddenly me and my wife account cant lig in Zwift. What happened??

No issues reported at this time


So how to report this issues?It said no road to ride.

This is more than likely an issue with your Internet Provider. They could be routing traffic differently, blocked ports or made some other changes.

What you could try is unplugging your modem and router for a minute and then plugging in your modem and after it is completely booted up plug in your router. That could resolve the issue, but no guarantees since the issue could be with the ISP.

Hi @Mohd_Mustaqim_Zulzai welcome to Zwift forums.
Are you and your wife sharing the same account? Or do you have your own accounts?

It’s ok if you share - but you can’t use it at the same time. Do you have multiple devices trying to log in to one account at the same time?

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No…We have our own account…Maybe yes…I have install Zwift in my Iphone and and iMac…How to fix this.Almost two days already i cant log in…

On the server logs, we are seeing successful login events from your iPhone, so this is puzzling.

Let’s assume that you are entering your email and password correctly during login. Sometimes - if you use the tab key on iOS devices - it enters a blank space and this can cause the login to fail. Please confirm that there are no extra spaces in either the username or password fields.

If that doesn’t work: I’d recommend you reset your password on the webpage.

Would you let us know if either of these clears it up? If it does not clear up - please let me know the date & time when you tried to log in, and we can investigate from this end.

Tahnks for the reply. Just today after two days, the log in was successful. I dont what the cause. But thanks for the reply. Will let u know if this happened aganin.


We’re glad it worked out.

Should it happen again, please send us log files from your device so we can see what’s happening on your end.


Alrigjt. My i know where can i get the log files?And how and where i send it?