Can't create Meetup on Watopia post World Swap update

Edit: Ignore me. Finally found the release notes where is mentions that this is coming…

Following the World Swap update (25th January 2019), how do I create a Meetup on either Watopia or the guest map of the day? The only options I have for the Meetup is in accordance with the schedule originally published.
I have the latest companion app on iOS, and note that there has not been an update to this since the world swap feature was enabled. Has it been overlooked, or is it still coming (or am I missing something obvious)?

I believe they said the new companion app will be released once the World Swap update is available to everyone.
Since the IOS update is out now as well, which was the only platform left if I’m not mistaken, I assume it should be fairly soon.

Thanks. I saw that in the release notes after writing my post. I couldn’t find the answer before. Maybe I need to concentrate more when I read