Cannot join events. Adds me to wrong world/group

I can’t join any events. I have attempted to join the Tour of Watopia twice now and both times it has put me in the wrong world with about 4 other people.

This time around I joined over 10 minutes before the start, and it still wasn’t working.

I then tried other events to find the same thing happened.

Please help

Hi Chris.

What operating system do you use for zwift. My thinking is that your software may is out of date, can you check if there is updates available.

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I’m running it through my ipad, no updates available through the app store…

What version are you running on the iPad?

You should be on 1.0.34056

@Chris_Thorpe you can look in you latest log file to see the version of Zwift.

@Paul_Allen do you know how to get the log file in a I pad.

Here’s the link:

Zwifting at the moment or I would give more info.

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Same here, ui have the latest version but can’t still join