Can't Connection via Android

I have just joined Zwift and have Wahoo Kickr Snap. I can’t connected via bluetooth on Android phone but laptop works. Help please! I have spent hours on this!

You will need to provide more information about your set up, as well as how you are trying to connect. If you have already connected the trainer to your laptop via Bluetooth, you will need to ensure that it is disconnected before trying to pair to your phone. Also, be sure you are connecting through the Zwift app, and not through the phone Bluetooth connection.

I have the same issue and also spent hours on it. In my case I cannot pair Zwift on my Android phone with my Tacx T2240 Flow Smart trainer

  • Tacx has latest firmware 3.1.22/1.1.3
  • Phone: OnePlus Nord, Android 11, all updates installed
  • Zwift installed today from the Playstore (update november-18th- 2021/561750)

Note that I can connect with my phone to the Tacx training app, so Bluetooth is working on the phone.
I am trying to pair from the App
I disconnect from the Tacx training app before testing Zwift.
I also installed the Zwift App on a very old iMac and also this one cannot connect to the Tacx.
I have unplugged the Tacx nummerous times and waited several seconds before switching on.
I have rebooted my phone several times before trying
I haved disabled and enabled Bluetooth several times
Search the internet for others with the same problem but did not get any clues.
Only when I install Zwift on a HP Windows 10 Laptop then I can connect to Tacx and I can do the test ride.


I had a similar issue with my android phone. The solution in my case was to change permissions for the zwift app. Namely, go to Settings > Apps > Zwift > Permissions, then allow location.

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Thank you so much. I spent hours trying to figure this out and was ready to refund this product. But this helped fix it.

Thanks! this also works for me!!