Can't connect Bluetooth Heart Monitor on iOS

I have a Polar Bluetooth H7 heart rate monitor.
I see this in the Bluetooth Settings on my iPad (I didn’t pair it in the Settings app):

However, Zwift doesn’t recognise it al all:

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi @Guy_Fisher

I would suggest going into the settings and forget the H7, then try to pair again.

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I didn’t pair it in the Settings app, (see screenshot) so forgetting it isn’t an option.

I’m assuming you are wearing the chest strap and have moistened the area that touches your skin while trying to pair it, correct?

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Hi @Guy_Fisher welcome to Zwift forums.

Apple made changes to iOS starting with v13.x. In order for apps to use the Bluetooth radio, you must give the app permissions to do so. If you installed Zwift and said “no” at the permissions prompt, the app will not be able to access the Bluetooth radio. This is why your OS can see the heart rate monitor, but Zwift can not.

You can read how to fix that on Apple’s support site. Alternately, you can uninstall Zwift, reinstall, and say yes when prompted.

Please loop back and let us know if this solved it?


Good idea, however I checked privacy and Zwift in settings and Bluetooth seems to be enabled see screenshots below.
Any other ideas?

Yes, I did. As you can see in screenshot above, iPad does see it in Settings app.
Bit it doesn’t appear in Zwift.
Do I add the heart rate monitor under “Power Source” or “Speed Sensor” ?

It should be under heart rate. I dont use an ipad, but this is what it looks like on android.

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I think Zwift need location access if I am not mistaken.

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Location access permissions are needed to enable Bluetooth radio access in Android devices. You can try it on iOS, but I don’t think that’s going to fix it.

First thing I’d do is power off the iPad completely and reboot. It’s an important step that you should not neglect.

Do you have Polar’s app running on this iPad? Be sure to force-close this app so that it’s not tying up the Bluetooth signal.

Polar’s support site has a number of suggestions. When’s the last time you replaced its battery?

I wouldn’t neglect a reset of the HRM either. Polar’s site shows you how.

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It never seemed to request locatio access.

Odd, it doesn’t seem to give an option to pair to heart rate monitor.
Only Power Source and Speed Sensor.

You need to pick one of the options first.

What sensors besides the HRM are you trying to use?

I just ordered Wahoo Kickr, but haven’t received it yet.
I can’t select HRM before selecting trainer?

If you are using a classic trainer with a speed sensor in the interim until the Kickr come, then you need to select the speed sensor option.

Zwift need either speed sensor or Power source to make the avatar move.

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I’m having the same issue. Bizarrely it works with my other training apps but not with Zwift

I know I’m resurrecting an old thread but I came across this issue today (April 2022) and ended up reading this thread and still not getting an answer. I had the same issue and put simply - you have to first select and connect your power/speed sensor then you get more options for cadence/hr at which point you can see your other devices and select them. Hope this helps!

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