Can't calibrate with Kickr Snap, can't reach 36 km/h


I wanted to calibrate the Kickr Snap using iOS Wahoo Fitness and I was giving really giving almost everything I had to reach the required 36 km/h. Unfortunately, I only could get around 24-26 km/h. I was definitely far beyond 24-26 km/h, but Wahoo Fitness thought I’m much slower.


Any idea what can be done in these cases? Is anyone else experiencing this issue (from time to time)?


Thanks in advance!

Are you logged into Zwift at the same time as the Wahoo app?  If so, try logging out of zwift before running the calibration.  I find the spindown often fails if I’m logged into both programs at the same time.

Alternatively, try running the spindown through Zwift by clicking on the spanner icon on the pairing screen.

Hope this helps.

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Hello Andreas,

You can shift gears to achieve 23 mph. Spin down will be just fine.

The in game spindown for my Snap is no longer working on my Apple TV 4. 

You don’t want to be paired with Zwift at time of spin down.  All you need to do is after the 10 mins in Zwift to warm up.  Go into pairing.  Uncheck both Wahoo’s and cadence sensor.  Log into Wahoo.  Spin down.  Close Wahoo app.  Reconnect to Zwift.  Ride On.  I don’t find you need to spin down every time you ride.  Temp in room is usually the same and tire psi does not drop that fast.  I would say, every few days or, if you release the tension.  It’s the tension on the wheel that needs calibrating.  IMO.