Can't calibrate Runpod. Online help is useless

I can’t even get through the calibration of the run pod without it disconnecting and quitting and telling me to try again.
The “Hope That Helped” section of the Runpod page [] links to a support page [] that doesn’t exist.
This page [] mentions and links to a MilestonePod app for Android to update the firmware on the runpod, that the Google Play store doesn’t to know anything about.
These are pages on your site the you have the power to keep updated, so that when people are trying to solve a problem with your products, they can find accurate information.

To update the firmware of the Zwift RunPod you would go to the Pairing screen within Zwift and select the wrench icon and if there is a firmware update needed it will prompt you.

You might be getting some Bluetooth interference, here are a couple links for you to look at:

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Make sure bluetooth is turned on. I couldn’t get mine to calibrate because I was using an Ant connection. I’m not very proficient but I had similar issues. It wouldn’t calibrate with my computer, only through the app on my phone. I didn’t know that and was frustrated and only used my pod once or twice before returning it.
Zwift needs more instructions I agree.
Sorry if my problem doesn’t help you solve yours. But I thought maybe you are in similar situation. Again, sorry if I am misunderstanding your issue. I was also confused and felt i was getting no help.
Hope it works out for you.

PS My pod also came with a nearly dead battery, I forgot that part until now. I had to buy a replacement battery and then the signal was consistent.