Can't bridge HR monitor trough Zwift Hub

Hi. I can’t connect my Geonaute HR monitor to my Hub to then connect it to the app. Anybody else with this issue?

Welcome to the forum Bruno.

What model of Geonaute HRM do you have? It’s an uncommonly seen brand and I suspect several of their models used proprietary signals, not ANT+/Bluetooth.

Hi, thanks for the reply. It’s a brand from Decathlon. Actually the band works well with the ant+ protocol, but bot the BE.

The band is detected by the Mac laptop, but shows 0bpm all the time. And the Hub simply doesn’t detect it.

You could add an ANT+ dongle to the mac and it should be supported without doing anything.

Or get a better heart rate monitor. Some of the cheap ones work fine.

I have a Coospo arm band HRM that was about US$35, works fine with BT. I have a Coospo ANT+ USB dongle that also works well with a mac. About US$20 including the extension cable.

The thing is that I just bought an AppleTV, so the bridge thru Zwift Hub is important. AppleTV can only support 2 BT connections at once.

You can still try pairing via the Companion app on a phone. If the Decathlon HRM is not working, a functional Bluetooth HRM should still be pairable via Companion (or even ANT+ if you have one of the rare Android phones that supports ANT+). That would avoid the need to pair via the Hub, and it’s what most Apple TV users do.