Can't access to workout from companion app

I don’t have the possibility to explore the workout from my OnePlus nord 2T.
The app version Is the 3.5.0

The current version of the Zwift Companion app is 3.54.0 (build 1644), so perhaps you need to update the app.

The rollout of the workout explorer feature in ZC was halted due to issues and as far as I know hasn’t been resumed.

So some people will have this feature while others don’t.

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The update which included workouts in the Explore section was rolled back due to bugs, we’ll have to wait for the next update when hopefully the issues will be fixed

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My wife and I each have 2 cell phones. Our everyday phone plus our old phone that we use as a bridge for zwift.
My Zwift phone and her main phone have the workout on zc. But not the other 2 phones. The 2 really strange things are…
I downloaded the update first( by about 5 days) on my main phone. And her main phone is almost the exact same phone s22, vs s23. Doesn’t make much sense to me🤷

The rollout is on a per-device basis, not on a per-household basis. So with the rollout having been paused a week or two back it’s perfectly normal that some of your devices will have the new feature and some won’t.

To be clear, the staged rollout is/was for this feature within the updated app, not whether you get the new app version or not.

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