Cannot start Zwift

(R. Grosch (Radteam-Schmitz)) #1


my Problem ist: After login i get a message "cannot load required data files. The Problem is on my Laptop. On my PC i dont have Problems. I deinstalled the Programm and install again, but it doesn´t work

(Jason K) #2

I’m going to turn this into a ticket so we can work with your further individually. Keep an eye on your email, and thanks for the report!

(Martins Ierags) #3

The same for me :frowning:

(Jason K) #4

Martins, did you submit a support ticket? You can do so via

Send us your log files with your ticket, too. Thanks!

(Martins Ierags) #5

Hi, Jason. Yes, I did it before that post. :slight_smile: Waiting for help…

(Martins Ierags) #6

Changed video card from Nvidia 7300GT to Radeon HD3650, and now it is starting.

(Chris Maunder) #7

Exactly the same problem here on a late 2016 Macbook Pro 13" running Windows 10 under bootcamp.

I’ve paid the money but can’t access the service. Not a great experience.

(Jason K) #8

@Chris: We don’t support Zwift under bootcamp. You should use the native Mac client instead. If you’re still having problems, submit a support ticket, and we’ll help you sort it out.

Closing old thread.