Cancelling Training Plan

Hi folks,

I need some advice on what to do about a Training Plan that seems not to want to cancel properly.

I finished my first training plan on Friday. After finishing it I decided to start a new one after a day’s rest. I went looking for my next plan and chose one. I pressed the Enrol button and it started the plan. When I went to look at it it had the first workout schedule for that day. As I wanted a day or so rest I cancelled the plan (following the method in Zwift support). It seemed to cancel it.

I did notice though that it didn’t cancel on my Zwift Companion app.

Today (Sunday) I decided to get going with my new plan. I enrolled for the plan again.

I now see that the three “pre-plan” workouts are all scheduled for today. It’s as if I didn’t actually cancel it two days ago. It means to keep on it’s proper schedule I have to do three workouts today and start the program tomorrow.

I even tried to enrol in another workout. It changed on the main Zwift site but Companion didn’t change. I then changed it again back to the original plan and it changed back as mentioned in the support pages but it still has the same schedule.

This is driving me nuts. All I want is a clean start at a workout plan.

Hi @Steve_Dickson59, I believe this is happening because it is Sunday. Always enroll in a new training plan on Monday, the first day of the week.

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Hi Mike,

Thanks for that. I didn’t realise Zwift weeks would be static weeks but if they are that’s fine.

Do you have any idea about the cancellation problem. Looking at the forum there’s a post on it two years ago that promises to sort it within two weeks and place a cancel button on Companion. Neither the cancellation problem or the companion problem seems to have been sorted after 2 years never mind 2 weeks.

I’ve canceled a plan recently, about a month ago, and didn’t have any problems with it continuing to show on the companion app. You have to cancel in the game on the training plan menu. Make sure your apps are all updated too just incase, the companion app had an update 2 weeks ago.

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Hi Mike,

I did cancel it the way you mentioned as per support guidelines.

All my apps are up to date. I’ve only been using Zwift for a week. I did try binning the apps and reinstalling them anyway. Didn’t work. Never mind it’s not a biggie I suppose in the scheme of things especially with what’s been going on.

It may well be that the Zwift servers are really busy as well with all the new members like me. It’s like the first month of the year at the gym. Hundreds of new members and you can’t get on the equipment. It soon levels out after a few months. :joy::joy:

Thanks for taking the time out to answer Mike.

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I am having this same problem. I signed up for a zwift workout plan thinking it would auto start monday and then discovered I had a few workouts to complete in a very short period of time. I hit cancel within the Zwift app it self but it does not cancel.

Was a fix found for this?

I also mistakenly clicked Zwift Academy Tri in Apple TV Zwift app, I want to get out of that as I’m not interested in it at all.

Not sure how to do that.