Ending a training plan

(Art Mills) #1

I am a new Zwift user and was playing around with plans. I enrolled in a plan and saw what a workout was like, but would like to end that plan and start another program or even this one a bit later when I know I can complete it.

How does one go about quitting or ending a plan. I see no buttons for such.

(Aaron Zwanzig) #2

IIRC: when Zwift autoselects you’re next workout after pairing your equipment and before dropping you into the world for your ride, choose Not Now to begin a free ride. Then open the main menu and select the workout menu. Select the training plan you are enrolled in. The summary tile for the plan should have a button to cancel that plan.

How do you end training plan?
(Art Mills) #3

Thank you Aaron. I actually found that button doing roughly that. Just scrolling back when it takes me in to view plan got me there. So all good :).