Ending a training plan

I am a new Zwift user and was playing around with plans. I enrolled in a plan and saw what a workout was like, but would like to end that plan and start another program or even this one a bit later when I know I can complete it.

How does one go about quitting or ending a plan. I see no buttons for such.

IIRC: when Zwift autoselects you’re next workout after pairing your equipment and before dropping you into the world for your ride, choose Not Now to begin a free ride. Then open the main menu and select the workout menu. Select the training plan you are enrolled in. The summary tile for the plan should have a button to cancel that plan.


Thank you Aaron. I actually found that button doing roughly that. Just scrolling back when it takes me in to view plan got me there. So all good :).

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I’m trying to cancel from an iPad and don’t have a cancel button. Anyone know how to cancel from an iPad?

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Zwift functions the same on all platforms. The same procedure should work for you. Find the summary tile for your training plan at the far left of the scroll menu when viewing the entire plan. You will find a cancel button there.


Your instructions worked for me, thanks

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I am on surface pro 4 running windows 10 and I can’t find the button. I have been searching everywhere

I’m on a macbook and also can’t find the button…could someone post a screenshot?


Thanks Man…I had to scroll all the way to the left (the start of the program) to get it. The circle around the huge CANCEL PLAN cracked me up


Thank you. This helped me too

I would really be excited to have that button. I don’t. Mac, AppleTV, whatever. Not there. Bizarre, as I’ve seen it before.

This needs to be easier to find. I even scrolled back and forth all the way from end to end, and completely skipped over the little half-screen with the cancel button before I scrolled through to the plan listing screen.

Can it just be an ever-present button, with a couple layers of confirmation (are you sure? are you really sure?)?


Thank you. That has helped me alot. I found it thx to that photo.

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I want to cancel the current training plan that I’m on. Very frustrating. I have read the other posts that one must start Zwift and when prompted to select a workout (from the training plan) then you should select Not Now and then go back into workouts and there will be a Cancel button on your training plan. I certainly find my training plan and can scroll thru all the completed and upcoming workouts but there is no Cancel button.

Hey @Marc_Nielsen, you can find the Cancel Plan option by viewing your Training Plan in Zwift, and scrolling one screen to the left of the first day.

We have a walkthrough for this process in our Training Plans article under Canceling Your Training Plan.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

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Agreed! This was very difficult to find even for a software engineer.

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This should answer the question: Training Plans

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Definitely abort. ZWIFT is cool. Plans are useless and frustrating. Power does not adapt and then it tells u more power but its supposed to do it by itself… wtf… and then u end up with no star cause the software is rubbish… no thanks…

I’ve biked on Zwift for years, basically since the beginning. I decided to try out the running side of the game and got auto-enrolled in an Intro to Running training plan that I can’t leave. I’m a very experienced runner, I just don’t typically run on Zwift. Now I’m stuck with this Running 101 training plan that I didn’t ask for, and which talks down to me like I’ve never gone running before. This left such a bad taste in my mouth that I really have no desire to run on Zwift again. Outdoors is more fun anyway.