How do you end training plan?

I still am looking to quit a training plan early and I’ve not been able to locate a way to end the plan early. Anyone?

Press “Tab” button on your keyboard multiple times.

I have the same question and I am not sure what pressing tab on the keyboard will do, but I tried it and didn’t end my plan :).

And just poking around I was able to figure it. I enrolled in another plan and it prompted me to cancel the other I was in. Then I went back to enroll and it asked if I wanted to pick up from before or start over and I picked start over. Should just have a cancel option within the plan you wish to cancel, but at least it works.


Thanks. I tried the “[Tab] fix” too and it didn’t work for me. I’ll try signing up for another plan.

Also, there is another fix offered here: Ending a training plan

You have to push tab numerous times. Tab ends the current zone.

Tab will help you finish a workout early - not a training plan.

Go to your training plan on Zwift app, then where you have the numbers at the bottom (for the weeks of the plan) select number 1 then use the back(left) arrow on screen to go back until you get cancel plan come up

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