Plan Remains on App even after cancelling

I enrolled in one of the new plans. I decided to not do it, so I went to cancel it. However, on the game itself there was no cancel option for the plan. I actually just behaved as if I wasn’t even enrolled. I went back to the app and saw that it remained under my training plan section. I went back to the game and just enrolled in it again so I could immediately cancel it. 

However, even after trying that, it still shows up in my app as if I was doing it.

Thanks for the heads-up.

We’ve had a few members report the same since our last update. It’s impossible to cancel training plans from Zwift Companion itself, and when it’s done through Zwift, Zwift itself updates properly, but Zwift Companion doesn’t.

Our developers are aware and we plan to have a fix out within the next two weeks. We’ll be adding a proper cancel button to Zwift Companion and ensure when Training Plans are canceled through Zwift, they update correctly through Zwift Companion.

Until then, you’re going to notice a lot of erroneous training plans accepted through Zwift Companion. As far as I’m aware, there’s no official work-around to correct it at this point, but you may want to try logging out of Zwift Companion, uninstalling it, and installing a fresh download from iTunes or the Android App Store.