Cancellation account during the summer

Hello everyone, I was waiting for June 10th to suspend my account for the summer. I thought they charged me on the 10th and I have been checking and they charge me on the 30th of the previous month. It so happens that there was no money in my paypal account so the payment could not be made.

Now I get a message telling me that my account has been canceled and that I need to update my payment information.

If I go to my zwift com billing/membership, the form to cancel my account does not appear and it directly takes me to the billing page and tells me that the renewal will be on July 1, 2022.

My question is, is my account already canceled and will I be able to activate it in winter?

if they said your account is cancelled and you can’t use Zwift then yes I would assume it is cancelled and deal with it in the fall when you want back in.