Can you use both Zwift and the Companion App on the WattBike Atom X?

Obviously using Zwift to a PC using the WattBike Atom X is not a problem BUT can you also use the Zwift Companion App at the same time ?

Please reply if you actually know it works.

I have used the WattBike trainer with the WattBike Hub app on a tablet but this then locks you out from using the Zwift companion app.

Basically the Companion App needs to be both on on the same wi-fi network but it appears it also needs a Bluetooth connection and Bluetooth in not ANT+ and older version cannot talk to multiple devices at once.

If I get a WattBike Atom X, I just want to know if the Companion App still works.

Yes Companion will work as long as you’re running it on a different device from the Zwift game app, e.g. on a phone.

Companion doesn’t need a Bluetooth connection, only wifi. The BT part of Companion is optional and a way to pair devices to Companion instead of the Zwift game app. Ignore this for your purposes.

Hi Thanks.

Got my current WattBike trainer going with the WattBike Hub on a Samsung A8 tab and finally got the companion App to connect on a Lenovo TB-7306F.

There is a connection sequence to follow but the main problem I think was my USB Bluetooth dongle was only V4.0 and it was in a USB 3.0 port. Clearly it was not fully USB 3.0 compatible even though it appeared to work most of the time as it had an error at the bottom of the device manager screen in the USB section that disappeared when I replaced it with a V5.0 version and also moved the ANT+ dongle round the back of the PC to get some separation instead of being right beside one another.

When the Zwift App goes to connect to Zwift the word “Pairing” comes up briefly, probably not the best choice as you immediately think Bluetooth is also involved.

Probably getting 4 times the Bluetooth data throughput now but yet to test it. Suspect its going to work flawlessly from now on.