Can you look back and see what bike/wheels you used on a ride?


Getting into Zwift, initially just solo riding so not too fussed about the aero/weight effects of frame/wheels.

Happily tooling about in a steel bike with old school wheels and no helmet, takes me back to my initial cycling exploits in the 80s.

But - is there a way to look back at rides and see what bike/wheels you used? Just wondered as I set a PB up the Alp today on the old school bike (vs the initial Zwift set up) and was wondering how much ‘faster’ it may have been on a ‘better’ bike…

Would be good to know later so I can compare rides, to see if I have got fitter or just ‘bought’ more speed with a better bike…

Sorry if it’s obvious but I can’t see any details on Zwift companion on iPhone (apart from grainy screenshots)

Thanks in advance

No, nothing like that.

The best you could do, I think, would be to sync your rides to Strava or similar, and use their “gear” options to say which bike and wheels you were using at the time.

The PB ghosts show the bike and wheels used.


You could also take a ‘photo’ of the equipment used with the side-view angle.


It’s seems a missed opportunity.

Given the data that must be saved, and the random pics chosen, it should be easy for Zwift to note the bike/wheels if they note where you got ride ons.

I’m not sure I can geek out so much to log it all with side photos/separate notes and I don’t fancy linking to strava…

PB ghost will be kind of useful but you can only compare to the best ride, and in game.

Maybe I should just buy a decent climbing set up and work on the Tron bike and stop caring!

Nigel’s suggestion is simple.
Press #4, press F10 and that’s the picture.

You also won’t need a Strava account to view saved photos.
You can see them using the ZCA under your activity tab.

Ah, that’s good to know. I haven’t changed bikes since they appeared I think. I guess you have to be able to see or spectate them to see that though, and it’s not something you can easily look back on once a segment is completed. They only go back 90 days too*, and a PB might have been set a few months or a year ago.

Ideally, this information would be in the Companion or web profile. A list of the pace bots you have active, and when you select one it shows the equipment used for that effort (and whether it was in an event or free ride perhaps).

* I think that’s right, although I might have missed something somewhere along the line

Yeah I just meant in this particular example the OP could start a ride on the Alpe segment, take a few screenshots as Nigel said and log the equipment they were using when they set the PB. Not the most elegant of solutions, but at least would allow for comparison as the OP wanted.

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Yeah, and I think screenshots can work if people can be bothered with the curation of them (e.g. renaming the activity/screenshot file so it’s easy to locate again). Having a Strava account is a bit of a nuisance, but at least it’s easy to find previous best efforts.

A combination of both Strava upload and a screenshot would negate the need to even select the right equipment in Strava though.

One day perhaps all this will be built in to the Zwift ecosystem. =)

I would also type in what you used under hashtags in Strava notes to make it searchable

Unfortunately the Companion App and online profile are wiping ride data after a set period of time now.

Activity Fix might let you automate the update of your ride in Strava if you use certain bike combinations in set circumstances. I use it to update my bike in Strava to my Kickr when I ride on Zwift.

I would suggest if there is anything interesting (which you might wish to review in the future) in any of your rides make sure you change the ride naming details, which Zwift automatically assigns, at the end of each ride when you opt to save. ( Or afterwards from within your Companion App )

If you don’t wish to use Strava you may wish to consider signing up for ZwiftPower

Zwift appear to have made a recent change and are now only showing your last 250 activities. ZwiftPower keeps a record of all you activities and does have a search facility which would allow you to look up keywords you have used in you ride name.

I use this method to track my rides up the ALP but other uses could be:
Segment time - TIME x
Type of bike ridden - BIKE x
Badge obtained -BADGE x

Just make sure the keyword you have chosen is included in each relevant ride description.

ZwiftPower also keeps a record of most of your segment times if they are done in a group or event ride or a race.

You mention monitoring your fitness through looking at improvements in times. Nothing wrong with this and possibly almost everyone is interested in their own best time up the Alp. However as you have identified time can depend on type of bike but it can also be affected by draft from other riders. Even though you are currently riding alone being passed by other riders or passing other riders will generate a draft benefit ( obviously not as much as riding fully within a large group for the whole timed segment). Unless you ride your entire Zwift riding experience on a TT bike you may soon find looking at times is not as meaningful as you might hope.

If you do join up to ZwiftPower (Free) I think you will find you become more interested in Power and this is an excellent place to track how your Watts and w/kg improve over time.
( Edit - as far as I am aware power is not affected by bike or draft )

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Does anything added to your name (eg. often Team names in parentheses) travel through to show in your activities?

Not that I know of.

Thanks for the reply

I am monitoring power much more than time, hence at present I don’t care what bike I am on, it’s all about getting fitter/stronger on the bike.

But later it might be interesting to know what I felt was faster as well - would I accept the (wrong) aesthetic of racing in a bunch on a disc over the retro look of the ‘steel is real’ frame and old school wheels…

I will work towards the Tron bike because it’s there but would prob only use it for races (if suitable). Not sure I can be bothered stacking the garage with bikes I don’t ride (I’ve done that IRL)

I have dabbled with Zwift power but so far not much shows on there (I’ve only ridden 2 workouts and the one race I did was pre signing up to Zwift power). Do free rides/robó pacers not show on ZP?


They don’t show on your ZP profile page but they show some of the detail on the Activities tab within ZP.