Ride Output Data

Having ridden Zwift now for a month there are a few bugs that generally annoy me but the main being Ride Data:

Why is the Zwift data on activities so useless? Yeah it gives distance, time and av. Watts, but thats generally useless info, unless you know your warm up and cool down, which can differ massively each ride.

The Zwift app gives nothing, except for 30 secs after ending the ride.  Why cant i review my past activities from there?The mobile link just about gives you as much as the website, after going through a bunch of other screens to find your own data… but still useless.

Now, the answer is “when it uploads to Strava it will give you that data (if you have premium)” … But why should it? Why cant Zwift, for £12.99 a month show you that data, power vs. time, power vs. elevation, etc themselves?  Its surely not that hard, and basically what we all compare ourselves against.  That all important FTP is a sustained power over a period of time, (20mins in the test) so who cares if my average for an hours ride is 130W, since i did 70odd warm up for 20 mins and 100odd for a cool down… what did i do in the middle where it counted?? How did my Watts drop off over 20 mins? IF id started slower within the 20 mins, could i have kept going stronger…

THIS is the data we want!  [And not just 30 secs after our ride when we “may” be dripping sweat like a roasting pig!]


Other suggestions:

Can you have the Rider profile / menu / customisation screen available on iOS WITHOUT having to start an actual ride?? 

How about a BACK button on the screen where you pick who you ride with to the sensor screen?

How about a “find a friend” button within the game? Jump to meet those you follow/favourites so that you can ride together, [clearly without giving you a bunch of added km’s that you didn’t ride]. i.e. a mate is starting Leith Hill and I’m on Embankment, but we’ve both done a bunch of kms anyway, why cant i jump to him, to start the hill together, without having to quit, and break up my ride data into small segments of a single ride? 

linking up with friends way too difficult - why cant you have the option of turning off all other non-followed riders?? Why don’t they show up as stars on the mobile link? Why cant i zoom around the map to find where they are? 


I have the exact same request for access to ride data outside the game.  Seems like a basic feature for a training system.  I notice that you can download the rides as a .fit file.  Is our only option using these files in other programs ?