View more ride data in My Zwift

(Mike Prytherch) #1


I would like to be able to see more ride data in My Zwift, such things like average power/TSS score, I know I can see some in Strava, but not everything, can you simply add an + button for more summary data, it is shown at the end of the ride it would be nice to see it on the web site as well.

(Paul Allen) #2

Zwift has stated that upgrades/improvements to the website are coming.

(Mike Prytherch) #3


(Paul Allen) #4

Who knows when it will happen since we have been waiting for level past 25 for over a year and a bunch of other improvements that have been promised.

(James Grosser [Team Type 1]) #5

No brainer.

(Michael Weir) #6

Same request here - more data needed post ride.