Can we please have some longer routes?

Would bringing back the ‘random’ option for a route work? No set route and all the turns are randomised?

I think the “Surprise Me”'random route feature had been frequently reported as broken before it went away…
Mostly reports that it always sent folks to do multiple laos of the Hilly Route in Watopia.

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Well this is all fake anyways.
Even real world segment records are broken by people on ebikes or in cars.
Strava segments are unimportant.

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Yes a UK based map where they connect Scotland, London and Yorkshire! Make some huge tarmac scenic roads between. Screw strava maps

There must be a way of having a generic bit of road that you can be on while the next world loads or something so you can go from one to the other then just do what happens when you join an event i.e. it ends one ride and starts another one,


I am no programmer so I don’t even know if this is possible.

But I was thinking of moving the maps next to each other so Strava won’t go crazy with straight lines.

So I made the red lines to connect the maps, these red lines must exist in both maps as little individual maps, so Zwift will load London and the 3 red line worlds then if you want to enter scotland Zwift will unload London but keep the red line world and start loading Scotland now you have scotland and the red line world.

Red line world can be a long tunnel.


Was just talking about this to one of my friends the other day. Why not a Europe map with some creative zone connections like the underground in London etc, you could tie in innsbruck to ventoux also.

Looking at the amount of discussion this thread has stimulated, there is definitely a significant community in Zwift that would relish longer routes. Rebel routes have been a great example but for me, this would be a great opportunity for Zwift to add the functionality for the community to create their routes and load them in for either club events or even free rides. Let the community create their own rides especially in the larger maps like makuri and watopia. It would allow the community to start feeding routes into the platform to share. Even having the functionality to pick the start location.

I know there is web apps external to Zwift that allows you to do this but given the vast majority of Zwifters are using appleTV / mobile devices (tablets), having this a feature of the core software that all subscribers can access would be brilliant. I’d value this more that the ability to create custom workouts but that’s just a personal preference.

Well, at least 13.


We need a “Stargate”!


I imagine that a major factor is the completely different sets of assets used in the development of each world, which would be impractical to load all at once. Not impossible, but also not trivial or low cost to the user with marginal equipment.

Full disclosure: I just found this thread and didn’t read the whole thing.

YES. I do a long (100k+) ride on Zwift almost every weekend, and have done a few centuries and 200k rides. Loops (even longer ones) get boring and too much manual navigation can get annoying. I don’t want to do multiple rides on multiple routes because I’m a dork and I like to see the big mileage number. I’d love to see some longer routes using existing roads (wouldn’t mind some new roads either, but using existing roads obviously makes this easier to implement). Even something like doing a longer route (like Makuri 40 or Triple Flat Loops), turning around somewhere, and doing the same route in reverse would work.

I don’t mind the 2000m+ climbing routes either… I’m in a mountainous area and even a “flat” century here is about 3500 ft. of elevation gain.


I don’t think we want all our strava feed looking like this. I definitely don’t.

Or zoomed in:


Are you sure?

Does it really matter? You didn’t really ride those places so GPS plots in Strava for zwift rides are pretty meaningless anyway.


Yeah but the map looks stupid.


Yes it matter as it look terrible. :face_vomiting:


I agree it can’t look like that, looks like something went wrong.
I welcome any new long routes, but 2000m climbs i can’t do, PRL full took me 7 hours not including the 2 hour rest/eat/shower to gather what i needed to finish it.
Climbing is intense on my body, 25 laps of volcano is intense on the mind. :slight_smile:
Currently the available long routes are not really fit for D-class riders, would be nice with something for those of us who want a long moderate ride, not life defining challenges to be overcome like PRL full or Überpretzel.

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More stupid than flying around in the sky over new york?

Much more stupid than that.