Can‘t undo workout in training plan

Hi folks,

I‘ve searched for a similar topic, but didn‘t find one. I did my first training plan (yay) Build me up light. As I was about to click on my last workout (Sneaky or so) I incidentally clicked on the button that I did the workout ouside. There was an „Undo“-button, but nothing happened when I pressed it and the training plan is regarded as finished now.
What can I do to re-open the workout for me to ride it?
I was so proud that I could finish the training plan beside having a three month old baby and getting back to fitness. :frowning:

I also am looking to find out if a training plan, once signed off as complete, can be re-opened ( or in my case deleted).

In an effort to understand how workouts could be completed / recovered / updated etc I sat on the sofa and went through two training plans just clicking ‘I did it’. At the end of the first one I also found there was no way to then undo what I had done - so much so I thought I must have missed something and so did exactly the same on a second plan !:man_shrugging: ( I now wish to delete both)

I hope you get an answer from somebody who knows.

If not, as you only have one workout to complete, I suggest you just load the last workout [ I believe all plan workouts can be completed separately ], do it and then know you have completed the plan fully and be justifiably proud of your achievement.

Hello folks,

@Petra_Fritz, welcome to the forums and congratulations on the baby and the fitness!

Currently, Zwift training plans cannot be paused or resumed/reopened, so I don’t think any bug is occurring here. Once a plan is complete, you can choose to start the same plan again from square 1, or feel free to start a different plan.

If you are just looking to do one of the workouts from your training plan a la carte, I recommend finding that training plan in the Collections page of the Workout screen, then selecting your preferred workout from the collection list.

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Ok, thanks for the answer and the kind words. <3