undo 'rode outside' on a training plan

(Yvette Waterfall) #1

Hi All. I clicked the ‘i did it’ thing on a work out… (just checking the functionality)… then I clicked ‘undo’… because I i hadn’t done the workout.

This afternoon when I went to do the workout - it appears that I already rode it outside… my ‘undo’ didn’t work

Can I correct this somehow?

(David K) #2

Since our last update, we’ve been made aware of an issue concerning our new Training Plans where updates made through Zwift don’t update Zwift Companion and vice versa.

Our developers are working on a fix that should be out within the next two weeks, but you may be able to skirt the bug by using Undo through Zwift, then tap your Avatar in Zwift Companion and log out, then log back in. If Companion still displays the workout you’ve undone, there may not be a work-around we can offer before the fix is released, but that shouldn’t take long.

(E DeTrick) #3

Yeah I have the same issue… says I rode outside but I didn’t and I don’t know how to undo…socks. …messing up the training plan

(Matthew Sheaff) #4

Has this been fixed? I just did the same thing :frowning: