Workouts in the future marked completed!

I have just finished week 3 of build me up, 3rd time I am completing this training over the past 3 years. Looking a bit forward in the future what workout are coming I can see that some workouts in week 8 to 10 are completed.
I cannot find the undo button.
I am thinking it is maybe a side effect of the bug last year where the sessions were not marked completed the previous time I run the workout despite me completing them, or it is that I ticked completed last time I ran the full training and it remained ticked completed for this new full run.

Raising the bug here as support replied to me telling me to reinstall the app which is obviously useless. Those completed sessions shows on various devices, and on both companion and the main app.

It says completed outside:

Hi @Hug_Chab

Sorry to hear that you’ve run into some trouble with the Build Me Up training plan.

I noticed you already wrote in to support for help on this issue, and from what I can see it’s been flagged up to a higher technical authority on the team. We’re still waiting to hear back from the team and confirm whether or not it’s a known issue. We may have provided you with some unhelpful troubleshooting initially, but the matter is not closed on our side, and we’re still investigating it.

I am curious, however, to know whether it’s just a visual issue with the Zwift Companion app or if those week 8 and week 10 workouts are actually going to show up as being completed when it comes time for you to do them. Since you mentioned you’re currently on week 3, it’s logical to surmise that once week 8 comes around then the workouts could very well be available.

You’d mentioned you can’t find the undo button, but to my knowledge the undo button is only available for workouts that are currently unlocked and available in the training plan. So, one can’t “undo” a completed workout that’s scheduled for weeks ahead in the future.

Anyhow, it’s best that you continue to work with our tech support team directly on this, and we haven’t forgotten about you; again we’re just waiting to get more information from the team. Thanks!

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Thks Steven, indeed, I am Anxious about that week 8, maybe just a visual, but seems to be deeper: it is counted also in total of completed workouts. One thing I noticed is the date of completion is the same for all workouts, and is Jan 16th 2012, so I think it was actually the day I applied for the build me up plan.

I raised another issue about a month ago too, not getting the badge after finishing up the off season long training, a bit shame to ask for a badge but it was so much of a commitment!!! Any hint appreciated!

Thank you for flagging this up - I’ve created a ticket because it does appear to be a bug. We’ll try to reproduce this on our end so we can fix it.

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Hi Shuji, which one? The missing badge or the early completed sessions? Let me know if there is anything I can do to help debugging.

Hi @Hug_Chab

I believe Shuji was referring to the bug you initially reported here on this forums thread about your current training plan, and it’s one our team is investigating.

As for your Active Offseason Training Plan badge, that appears to be a different bug or known issue, and our team sent you a reply with an explanation on January 25, 2022. I’d suggest you double-check your email inbox for that, and feel free to reply to that email if you’ve more questions about it.


Hi Steven,
I tried to reply but got a bounce back message

The email I received pointed me to look from time to time at a page game-update-known-issues-SkrmQrct
That seems to not be related to my issue but some resistance issue instead.

Hi @Hug_Chab

It looks like the support request was set to the wrong status in our system, so it generated that email reply for you. I’ve since corrected this, and we’ll see that you receive a proper reply to your email as soon as possible.