Can’t select gear 1 on Wattbike atom

For whatever reason, I can’t select gear 1 in ‘just tide’ mode on my Whattbike Atom on Zwift. On the Wattbike Hub app, I can navigate through all the gears, but on Zwift I can only go as low as gear 2. It’s the same on my wife’s Zwift as well. It’s only something that has been going on for about 4/5 weeks.

Has anybody had this hack and know how to get round it?

It’s a display bug that was introduced recently. It shows gears 2-23 rather than 1-22. Also that extraneous “5” on the display.

Cheers Steve. Suppose it was when I’m on a steep climb and searching for gear 1 that I noticed it, but if 2 is 1, I’ll just have to dig deeper.