Can’t log in on Apple TV January 1 2020

I can log in on my iPad but not on Apple TV. Tried to update the app but there was no update available. Closed the app, restart Apple TV still can’t log in. Keep asking if I changed my password. Obviously not as it is working on my ipad

Were you still logged in on the ipad?

There may be a limit on the number of devices you can log in on. Make sure your iPad is logged out of Zwift before trying to log in on the ATV.

I was logged out

Same issue here - I rode on zwift via my apple tv yesterday (2nd Jan) but couldn’t sign in this evening (3rd Jan). I then closed apple tv down & signed in on my iphone without any problem so the issue is definitely with the apple tv app. This is really frustrating & will hopefully be sorted by the weekend.

Update: I fixed this by force-quitting the zwift app & then restarting it. Instructions here if you need them …

Did not work for me