Can’t connect discourse app?

For some reason lately I can’t get the discourse iOS app to respond favorably to the “connect” button. I receive an error: “Authorize application access. Sorry, you do not have the required trust level to access the user API”

I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the forum into the app, deleting and reinstalling the discourse app. Out of ideas… any suggestions?

IIRC, it’s been that way for about 2wks now. I have the same issue. My best guess is that Zwift updated the forum backend (Discourse) and broke something. I say this because another forum I follow using the Discourse app also reset login credentials on the same day making me think that Discourse pushed out an update to their forum backend. There was no iPhone app update when this happened. I logged back into the other forum w/no issues. However, Zwift has continued to be broken.

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Zwift replied via support

Thanks for contacting Zwift!

I’m sorry you’re having issues with the Discourse app working with the Zwift Forum.

I’ve done a little research and I found this on the Discourse forum. If I’m reading the forum correctly you haven’t reached the appropriate Trust level to gain access through the Discourse app. This forum thread explains it and what you need to do to gain access. This is essentially a Discourse issue and not anything Zwift can remedy.

If there’s anything else we can help with, please let us know.

You’ll be receiving an email with a survey about our conversation. Please ignore the survey and respond back to this message if you have any additional questions.

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That isn’t the answer in my case if at all.

It was working fine for me for over a year when it suddenly stopped working. Secondly, I am already TL2 or Member.

Me too, and wasn’t my issue either. I’d messaged another forum with the issue and they have it fixed already today. I sent back a reply that they should consider ditching the trust requirement to use the iOS app, it seems silly.

It’s not the trust levels need to be removed or lowered, they serve a purpose. Furthermore, getting to TL1 is simple. Question is what broke that results in me not being able to use the Discourse Hub app which I have been using for quite some time.

I might open a support ticket or not. I typically view the forum on a computer via a web browser. Broken app access is annoying but not the end of the world.

Still broken FWIW. Probably worth emailing support, I did but they must need more reports to earn a fix. Pretty annoying.


Stillllll broken.

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