Zwift Support not getting back to me

I waited for an Ambassador on Chat- never showed up. Sent a support request over 2 weeks ago- nothing. Tried again today. Let’s see. I tried to get help on the forum but nobody had a solution that worked so I need support.

Similar problem with lack of customer support the chat function is useless. No one responds.

Hello @deborah_nixon and @Gregory_Sobon and welcome to Zwift forums!

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. We are in our busiest time of year and our support queue is taking a bit longer than ideal. We appreciate your understanding as we help everyone as quickly as we can.

Deborah - Billy sent you an email about an hour and a half after you posted your question here about Zwift Companion. We will continue to troubleshoot your specific situation, but here are some common issues that might cause the Companion app to not connect to the game app. Would you try those to make sure one of those might solve your problem?

Gregory - Alberto answered your question about a military discount, which Zwift does not offer. Was there something else we can answer for you?

Thanks Shoji. I had already tried those options when I posted to the forums. I have tried all those things. The only thing I didn’t try was this: There’s a few different reasons your ZC app connection might be dropping, so it’s important to start by looking at the status of the BLE connection. I couldn’t find the Menu on either the Zwift app on my laptop- in game or on companion. I don’t even know what a BLE connection is.

The odd thing is that Companion has been flawless for over 4 years and has only started doing this in the last few weeks.

Also check if your phone applied an iOS update in recent weeks. Apple can reset an app’s security permissions with major updates. Companion connnects to the game app over WiFi. Go into the OS Setting and check that Companion has permissions to access Locations. Locations permissions gives the app the ability to use the WiFi radio.

A simpler way to do this is uninstall the Companion app, then reinstall it. As you log in, etc, you’ll see prompts to allow permissions to access Bluetooth and Locations. Say yes to all of them.

Lastly - for good measure - reboot your cable modem, wait 10 seconds, then reboot your WiFi router. It’s very common to have that clear up your Companion iisues by resetting your local nework like that.

I reinstalled. But I will restart wifi and see if that helps

Companion isn’t listed in my locations in my iPhone.


Please see this Apple Support article on how to enable Locations permissions for individual apps.

Would you let us know if that solves your problem?

BLE = Bluetooth :slight_smile:

LOL… never saw it written like that.

Hello Shuji. I understand how to look at locations. My point is that Companion is not listed in the list of apps. I don’t know why that would be. Perhaps it’s not bluetooth that is powering it.

I also powered down my wifi as suggested. Again, my ride showed up on Companion for about 60 seconds today and then disappeared. So somehow it connects but then drops. No idea what to do.

I’m not following. Can you screenshot where you’re not seeing Companion on a list of apps?

Technically BLE stands for Bluetooth Low Energy.

It probably came from Donald Trump insulting the technology, or something. :stuck_out_tongue:

These two screenshots show the list of apps under location. Companion is not showing

Love the reference :rofl: :money_mouth_face:

I’m also having issues with Zwift support not getting back to me.Ten days have passed since I was told my “case would be forwarded to the relevant team” . I was given an assurance that I would be kept updated but have heard nothing since. There are many vacancies in senior positions over on zwift careers so this might explain the delays. I personally question why skilled people are leaving and these positions are not being filled quickly.

When they finally reached out, they asked me one question at a time via email. I kept on responding that I had done thorough troubleshooting. They just kept on asking questions. It felt like a delay tactic so they could tick a box and say they replied. I finally said why can’t you put someone on the phone with me? With all these emails, you could have helped me 6 weeks ago more efficiently. They finally gave up the number. I can send it to you if you like.

My issue was solved on one of my rides when I asked my buddies on Discord if they had any ideas. One guy made a suggestion that worked! Not one anybody thought of. He basically told me to go into my settings on my iPhone, find companion and turn off bluetooth and wifi. People had told me to go onto airplane. mode but that didn’t work. But going to the app directly in settings did work! After months of not getting my ride on Companion, it’s fixed.

I am so happy to hear that you finally managed to get your issue sorted. It’s very disappointing to hear that you had to rely on one of your “buddies” to do so though.Pretty shocking that you were left feeling that zwift had “given up”.I feel the same so I sympathise completely.
I am actually quite shocked by how lacking the “official” support is both on these forums and through Zwift support. Thank you very much for the kind offer to share the number, it is most appreciated. I hope you continue to have many more trouble free miles and smiles.

Hi Shuji
I renewed my Zwift subscription and it gave me a trial subscription
Not sure why it does not pick up my old subscription info?
Can get the avatar to engage?

I suggest you start a new thread to get a proper response to your specific question