can not process payment

(* P Piepul (C)) #1

I have support ticket 21103 and after my free trial I tried to summit payment but it states that there is an error,  I have an active subscription and to contact support.  It shows a card on file but no payment made…  that was two days ago.

(Michal Jablonski) #2

same for me… Ticket no.  21359 still unanswered…

(Bernhard Allmer) #3

same for me-subsricption error with pay pal.


(Fog Dog) #4

Same here too. Seems cra y

(* P Piepul (C)) #5

I’ll be riding at BKool till they can figure this out.  I have uninstalled and deleted zwift directory and reinstalled but with no luck.  changed credit cards, no luck.  It seems to think I have a valid membership but does not show up as such just that my free trial expired.  When I signed up for the free trial it never asked for a credit card.  I did not try to pay for it for a few days after the free trial was over. Oh well I’ll wait… three days and counting.

(* P Piepul (C)) #6

I just tried to make payment and it took my card so something happened to make it all work

(Vadim Yezhakov) #7

They has fixed this issue couple hours ago.

(Bernhard Allmer) #8

pay pal isnt ok until yet ???

(Bernhard Allmer) #9

now its ok, why? forget it and be happy

(Fog Dog) #10

all working for me now

(Fog Dog) #11

all working for me now

(Kevin Carpenter) #12

I also get a processing error when using my credit card. Unable to join and trial is over. Bummer. Seems like the credit card processing should be number 1 priority. Also, why can’t I remove a payment?