Can i use mobile link on android with apple tv?

Been looking at getting a new laptop as mine is really old and struggles running zwift. Cheapest tidy laptop is around £600 but i cant warrant paying this as i only use it for zwift and nothing else.

Cheapest option at running zwift decently looks like an apple tv. I have no apple devices and dont plan on getting any.

1)Would i still be able to run zwift on the apple tv while using mobile link on my samsung galaxy S8 plus?

2)Is zwift on apple tv 4k decent enough? my laptop judders and cant cope when im in a group ride and there are alot of riders on screen at the same time.

  1. Are there any problems running apple tv with a tacx neo as its blutooth not ant+

Thanks in advance

  1. Yes, there is no issue with using an ZML on an Android and the Zwift app on a ATV

  2. I have not heard of any issues so far

  3. There should be since a lot of people have been using BLE for the Neo for a long time (even before ATV).

I run an Apple TV 4K and a Tacx Neo and it’s superb. No problem with connecting the Neo and the CooSpo HRM to the AppleTV. 

Cant answer on the Android as I am all Apple.