Atv4k question

(James Martin) #1

My old laptop has packed in . I was thinking of buying the Apple tv 4k just to use zwift .
Don’t have an Apple phone so will the companion app on an android Samsung phone work alongside the Apple 4ktv ?
Using a tax flow smart trainer and Wahoo speed ,cadence ,and heart rate monitor.will they all pair with phones Bluetooth?

(Lin Alan) #2

Apple TV 4K has Bluetooth support. If I remember correctly, it’s limited to 3 connections, one of which is the remote. As for the companion app, it shouldn’t matter if your companion app is on Android or IOS. Between the Apple TV Bluetooth connections and the companion app acting as a Bluetooth bridge, you should have no problems getting things connected and working.

(G reenfritos(SVCG)) #3

I’ve used the Apple 4K using the companion app on Android before, works perfectly. My experience is that if you are using heart rate and cadence, to let the cadence connect via the companion app, and have the hear rate & power connect through the ATV.

(James Martin) #4

Well I bought the Apple tv4k and it was real easy to set up and all sensors connected with no problems . And I think it looks better now than it did on the old laptop . Better graphics and smoother . Well happy now