Can I connect my Garmin watch to zwift?

As Iam new to zwift I am wondering if I can connect my fenix 5 x plus to zwift so data like my heart rate can be captured by zwift.
Appreciate your help

Hi, Jamal.
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Yes, you can.
Please see the following topic: How to - use Garmin watch (forerunner 645) and broadcast heart rate data to Zwift

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You can find instructions on how to enable heart rate broadcasting for the fēnix 5/5S/5X Plus watches over on the online manual here: fēnix 5/5S/5X Plus - Broadcasting Heart Rate Data During an Activity

Once heart rate broadcasting is enabled, you’ll be able to find the watch by searching for a heart rate monitor from the paired devices screen in Zwift.

Keep in mind that Garmin watches only broadcast heart rate data over ANT+ protocol, and not Bluetooth, so the pairing process may vary depending on what type of device you’re using to run Zwift.


You can, but my Fenix 5 didn’t work very well at all. Tons of drops of data and I just bought a chest strap instead.


I am also a fenix 5 x plus user. My wrist hr reads during workouts were very innacurate. Chest strap is a must. Wrist reads are only good for monitoring your resting hr imho.

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Hey Gamin Watch users - there’s a feature built into some Garmin watches called Virtual Run that connects to Zwift. This may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Garmin has a video showing step by step instructions. Check it out!


Im running a Vivoactive 3 and cant get it to pair with a AppleTV running Zwift - Would be great if there was a way to get ANT+ on the AppleTV. Its expensive buying heart rate straps when they break quite often…when I buy cheap garbage ones :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don’t think Apple Tv has a Ant+ receiver, I also don’t think it has a Usb port to add a ANT+ dongle.


Is there an equivalent for a ‘virtual ride’? I have a garmin speed and cadence sensor and would like all three of those metrics used when I’m riding using the zwift application.


Does someone know how to connect my garmin 235 to zwift so that I can use it for HR measurement?

Thank you


Hi @GRAHAM_MACRAE welcome to Zwift forums and Zwift in general.
The Virtual Run is a Garmin feature for runners only.

You don’t need a similar thing for cycling because your Garmin Speed and Cadence sensor will connect to the Zwift game app via Bluetooth. It’s a whole lot simpler to get started if you leave your Garmin watch out of your setup entirely.

Please follow these steps on our support hub to get started.

If you are running the game app on a Windows computer, you may want to use the separate Zwift Companion app on a smartphone to create a “Bluetooth bridge.” What’s that? More info about that here. A very important thing about using ZC in this way is to make sure that your Windows laptop and your smartphone are both connected to the same WiFi network.

Hi @shooj, thanks for the quick response. I haven’t had any issue with connecting the speed and cadence sensor straight to the zwift game app, but I can’t get my fenix 6x wrist heart rate monitor to get picked up by the zwift app. However, when I use the ‘virtual run’ activity, the wrist heart rate monitor gets picked up right away.


I assume you are using windows or mac with a ANT+ dongle. In your Garmin Fenix you have to set it to broadcast mode. It will only broadcast in ANT+.


ahhhh, that’s why… I don’t have the ant+ dongle which is why it’s not picking up. Problem solved, thanks mate!!!


Hey i was wondering if i am able to connect my Garmin vivoactive 4 to zwift to use as a heart rate monitor? so far have been having no luck

Hi @Flynn_Goodger, if the broadcast heart rate setting isn’t working for you (it doesn’t work for my garmin fenix 6x), you can use the virtual run activity which Zwift will then pickup.

Thanks Graham will this enable it to work for the cycling as i dont have a treadmill?

I have never got my Garmin Vivoactive3 to connect when running Zwift on Andriod phone (BT only). When running on laptop with Ant+ and BT it connects. Assuming the Vivoactive3 is also Ant+ only broadcast.

@Flynn_Goodger, yes using the ‘virtual run’ activity will allow Zwift to pickup heart rate, as I can only suspect that the ‘virtual run’ activity allows the OHR to be broadcast via BTooth. Again, I am currently using the ‘virtual run’ activity when i ride on my indoor trainer.

Furthermore, please put comments and feedback on Garmin Forums to help promote these changes to be made sooner than later. Here is a link to a suggestion i’ve made on Garmin’s forums. Where is the Virtual Cycle or Virtual Ride for Zwift Users? - Accessories & Sensors - Cycling - Garmin Forums

Hi Shuji,

I am new Zwift and need some advice, if possible please.

I have a 910xt Garmin watch. I have still have the Garmin dongle but not the speed and cadence sensor. Before i consider buying a Garmin speed and cadence sensor, will my watch and sensor (once purchased) work on Zwift?

I am also looking at buying a magnetic turbo trainer that won’t be smart compatible (as these seem the only sensibly priced options on the market at the moment).

With the Garmin setup and turbo trainer, would this be sufficient to work on Swift and how would i set up to get started?

Thanks in advance.