Camo jerseys?

What’s with all the camo jerseys that Zwift grants access to based on level? Who on earth cares about those things? You can barely tell them apart? Is this a thing for some riders?

I can’t see why they’re so popular. :wink:


Perhaps there’s some hidden meaning to those jerseys.

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What camo jersey’s, I don’t see anything


Faux military is a popular look in the US. Just look at some of the cars.

It’s called ‘Tacticool’.

That’s a name for a 90’s boy band.

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LOL. Honestly, some of these homegrown tacticool US ‘militias’ look like 90s boy bands. They’re all dressed alike, posing dramatically, and trying to take over the world :laughing:

Maybe they want to look like Armee de Terre cycling. That team had nice cycling kit.

Tell the US folk they are trying to look like that French team, they’ll stop immediately. :wink:

Heck they even retired to rename the humble potato fries…