Camera wobbles back and forth while riding

I’m using a Wahoo KICKR Core trainer with Zwift, but since yesterday the camera has started to wobble backwards and forwards, towards and away from the avatar on screen.

It zooms out and back in by the second. I’ve tried changing my FTP, but it hasn’t made any difference. Changing the camera position using the numbers on the keyboard didn’t make any difference either. The issue occurs on both Bluetooth and ANT+.

I know it’s supposed to change slightly with speed, but it’s now started doing it erratically.

The power stays as consistent as one could expect when using the Wahoo app, so I believe this is a Zwift issue.

How could this be resolved to make the camera more consistently stay in the same place behind the character?

Hi @Glenn_Christiansen

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Can you drop the log file of the affected ride in and look for any thing strange like low FPS.

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Why are you connected to the Wahoo app at the same time as Zwift?

I never connected to both at the same time - I tested the Wahoo app separately, without Zwift open, after I noticed that Zwift was having issues.

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Zwiftalizer doesn’t show any obvious problems with log files on either Bluetooth or ANT+. This is running on decent hardware (GTX 1060 6GB), so the FPS is averaging at 50 on Ultra graphics. Here are images showing the Zwiftalizer results for both log files.

(The only oddity from Zwiftalizer is that it says the platform is Apple when this is running on a Windows 10 PC.)

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Were you in an event or meetup when you noticed the camera zooming in and out? I have noticed this when in a meetup with keep everyone together on and if someone is not riding as fast the group slows down and the camera has difficulty figuring out what to do.

Nope, no event or meetup - this was during a simple 45 Minute Free Ride.


Thanks, everything seem good in Zwiftalizer.

Now I have to scratch my head? :thinking:

yeah, stumped… did this only happen once, or is it repeatable?

It’s seems to be consistent; it’s occurred on every ride since yesterday, from a regular 45 minute ride to quick 5 minute test rides.

And it’s not related to whether there is another rider right behind you or not? The view seems to be a bit further back if there is someone on your wheel to show that rider in their entirety, and closer to you if there is a gap of at least a couple of meters. With many more riders on the courses this will of course occur much more frequently.

Couple of points. Your graphics driver is at least 2.5 years old, and appears to be a manufacturer or Microsoft version. Get the latest driver direct from Nvidia. Secondly, not sure what world/route you were on but your GTX 1060 should be doing much better than 50fps at 1080 resolution in a free ride. If you’ve got vsync turned off, I’d expect more like double. That being said, contrary to popular belief CPU is a major bottleneck in Zwift and your FX-6300 will certainly be holding the GTX 1060 back.

Couldn’t help but notice your ANT+ signal failure rate too. Mine (Tacx Neo 2) is less than 1%.

Riding on the cobbles or wood bridges? Camera shake is normal there.
Or maybe it was the April Fools poor graphic rendering?