Calibration Zwif Hub

I can’t calibrate the smart trainer, the wrench doesn’t appear. What can i do to calibrate it?

Doesn’t it have autocalibration?

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Under the right conditions it should calibrate itself:

Zwift Hub Auto Calibration

I have the firmware 5.2.2 and I can’t pass the 110w, i need to do the tutorial or something? Because i started the tutorial and i was doing the watts the training was saying.

Could it be something else is wrong?

no that shouldn’t matter at all, make sure you are pairing the trainer as power and resistance

Hi @Jose_Antonio_Shiumot, Thank you for reaching the Zwift forums!
My name is Fernanda, I’m part of the support specialist team at Zwift.

I’m sorry you are facing these inaccurate power readings on your Zwift Hub, as @Paul_Southworth was letting you know in normal conditions your Zwift Hub will auto-calibrated, however, I will advise you to check in your in-game setting the trainer difficulty, this shows when you are already paired as power and controllable, and if it is up from 50% this can be causing you some issue to get more than 110W.

On the other hand, this requires a bit more assistance on our part, considering some information will be requested from our team. Please use the Contact Us link on, and we will be happy to keep assisting you!

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Tks. The trainer difficulty was in 50%. So i have to change it to max, right?

I can’t think of a reason why that would matter but it’s easy to try.

Are you using virtual shifting with the Click shifter, or mechanical gearing?