Unable to calibrate Xwift hub one

I am having real issues with calibrating my hub. 90% of the time there is simply no spanner icon to click on, on the pair screen.

On a few occasions the spanner did miraculously appear but when I tried calibrate it just came up with a screen that says waiting for device and gets stuck on that. On one occasion I got a step further and it told me to pedal to a certain speed but then no speed registered despite pedalling furiously.

I really need to calibrate my hub because wattage and speed is all over the place.


Now that the Hub supports 10Hz power data transmission, it’s normal to see more fluctuation in the power numbers. There have also been reports that with 3 second power averaging turned on in settings, the numbers still bounce around a lot. I can’t remember if they shipped a fix for that yet.

Ok so my hub calibrates automatically then? So I should not worry about doing a manual calibration?

Yes as long as your usage conforms to the requirements for auto-calibration. For example someone who rides exclusively in ERG mode might not trigger it.

I have the exact same problem. Unfortunately, I have not yet read a response or solution from Zwift here :frowning: