Calibration, auto-calibration and Zwift Hub One

I came from the world of ancient “tire on” dumb trainers to the new world of Zwift and smart trainers.

I just bought the new and now discontinued Zwift Hub One.
I use my macbook for running Zwift.

While following the pamphlet during setup I saw a section that talks about manual and auto-calibration.
I have not seen the wrench icon or any messages that my unit needs to be calibrated or has been auto-calibrated.
I haven’t seen anything that indicates that the numbers aren’t accurate. I’ve done some of the intro training rides.

Does my Hub One need manual calibration?
Does it auto-calibrate periodically and silently?

I’d be delighted to not have to worry about calibration but also don’t want to trust metrics that aren’t accurate.

Zwift Hub Auto Calibration.