Cadencia, for all your century needs

Are you like me and enjoy a 4-5 hour long ride every saturday or sunday (or any other day for that matter) and want to experience something that isn’t repetitive?

Then Cadencia is what you want!

A world filled with really long tarmac and gravel roads, even virtual virtual roads fitting of the tron-bike.

Want to travel to the 50’s? select your old style frame and watch the world transform into mecca of old parked classic cars and road side diners laden with neon lights.
Want to take a peak at the future?
Equip your tron bike for that sweet sci-fi temptation of hover cars and futuristic neon roads.
Runners may choose their prefference regardless.
We got routes for everything, flat ish century for metric and imperial, gravel race and even XC with both demanding and relaxing climbs.

Maby i peaked your interest, maby not.

I hope i did, because i’m getting a bit bored with watopia for my 5 hour rides, and i’m not a fan of climbing.
This is simply a cry for a bigger world, a world with really long and flat routes.

Give me access to the world editor and i’ll gladly spend my free time making it without any reward other than being able to choose it at will.
(edit: i don’t mean i want access to secret code, i simply want to create a 3d world)
I’m serious about this.


PS: I don’t actually want to exclude people with locked features based upon chosen frame, no more than what zwift is doing with their mtb track.

You should mix it up a bit.

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Sure, i could.
I would rather have a new world for long rides.
Watopia has the option to do it manually for sure but i want new and long routes and i’m offering my free time to make it for free if they so choose.

Unless you work for Zwift you are not going to get the ability to create new world/routes/roads. It’s locked down to only local access.

If you want more/longer flat routes/road please vote up this feature Request.

Obviously, but they must do their world design outside of the game engine so them telling me what software i should use wouldn’t compromise their coding.
The 3d world with textures could easily be made in something like unreal engine and imported/converted.
I don’t want access to their code. i just want to burn my cals for hours and hours in something different.

Zwift uses their own engine.

I don’t see Zwift allowing users to create new worlds/route/roads.

The only way you are going to see new roads is when Zwift creates them.

I know they use their own engine, they still use publicly available software for 3d moddeling.
They would probably not allow it, and that’s completely fine, i’m simply stating that if they do then i would do it gladly.
You do not have to try to convince me, this is just a statement of my will to see it happen.

need to link zwift to minecraft worlds

This is why we need the route planner. Manual turns are rubbish.


It keep you awake. LOL.

But a route planner will be nice, and a button to bring up the map full screen showing where you rode and where your friends are.